The Forward Agenda

The FORWARD AGENDA is a well-rounded set of conservative policy pillars to be used by all public servants & communities seeking a better tomorrow. This is the conservative plan for Wisconsin’s future.

Evers Should Deploy State Patrol in Violent Cities

A year ago, when the spring and summer months were marked with burning cars and boarded up main streets as people rioted, Gov. Tony Evers did too little, too late. This summer, there’s been a shooting on Water Street in Milwaukee and off State Street in Madison. This spring, there was a drive-by shooting in the Dells. No one should have to think twice about a beer at traditional Wisconsin tourism spots, but this is a new reality born out of pandering to leftists.

Critical Race Theory Has No Place in the Classroom.

Our schools aren’t supposed to be laboratories to create new social justice warriors. They need to be preparing students to be part of the 21st Century workforce. Skills like reading, science, technology, engineering, and math should be the focus — not conscripting kids to be part of the Left’s culture war.

Ending fed-enhanced pandemic unemployment bonus

Enhanced unemployment insurance subsidized by the federal government is not a long-term solution to the problems we face. Employers have raised wages, but for many it’s still tough to compete with the federal government.