Make Your Voice Heard!

As we build the next conservative agenda for Wisconsin, we're traveling the state talking with regular people to help identify solutions to our most pressing challenges. We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think the biggest issues facing our state are, and what should be done about them.

Local Elections Matter

The decisions of local officials often have the largest impact on our daily lives, yet turnout in local elections is, unfortunately, pretty low. Help change that by voting in your local election next Tuesday, April 6th.

Cancel Culture

The marketplace of ideas has always made America great, and free speech is a fundamental tenant of our society. Unfortunately, Cancel Culture has gone “main stream” in America today. As conservatives, we need to continue to speak out and encourage policymakers to crack down on big tech companies and government when they silence people they don’t agree with.

Get State Government Out of the Madison Bubble

As we travel Wisconsin, people keep telling us the same thing: they aren’t feeling heard by their state government. Government works for YOU and needs to do a better job branching out from the Madison bubble to get directly to the people.