1848 Project Launches “Weekly Rundown” Radio Series

[Concord, WI] – The 1848 Project launched its all-new “Weekly Rundown” radio commentary Wednesday, featuring the organization’s president Rebecca Kleefisch. As the 1848 Project continues to hold listening sessions and develop the conservative plan for the future, the “Weekly Rundown” will provide updates on the issues and concerns affecting Wisconsinites. The “Weekly Rundown” will play in markets throughout the state and be refreshed each week to provide listeners with up-to-date policy ideas, commentary, and analysis. Listen to the first “Weekly Rundown” here.


Hi, I’m Rebecca Kleefisch, former Lt. Governor and President of the 1848 Project. 

Governor Evers rolled out his budget; taking more out of your pocket so government can spend more. 

Madison bureaucrats are making decisions about the lives of regular people without  understanding the struggles regular people face.This budget wasn’t written by people who’ve missed a paycheck due to COVID.

Forced closures of schools and businesses have left Wisconsin reeling. Yet, Governor Evers didn’t mention reopening schools in his budget. 

At the 1848 Project, we’re finding ways to get Wisconsin back to normal. Like leveraging our idle workforce to get more substitute teachers in classrooms so schools don’t have excuses to stay shut. 

When we listen to common sense, Wisconsin succeeds. It’s past time Madison figures out, the way to stop Wisconsin’s suffering is to get us back to normal. That’s the Rundown for this week. For more, check us out at 1848Project.org.